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Lecture at Glucksman Ireland House, NYU

Lecture at Glucksman Ireland House, NYU, New York City - February 29th, 2024

During her speech, titled "The future of Northern Ireland's peace process", Emma outlined the many positive changes that have taken place in Northern Ireland since 1998, but added that the potential for change has been stymied by a lack of delivery on the socioeconomic rights under the Good Friday Agreement, and by a lack of political ambition and leadership.

Social housing remains 90% segregated, education 93% segregated, and over 100 peace walls remain.

Rather than limit our peace, Emma called for a new innovative approach that includes review, reform, and implementation. Under the 8 pillars of a positive peace, the first one is stable governance - an elusive concept in Northern Ireland.

Emma also discussed the future of Ireland with the audience, outlining her view that a border poll on the constitutional future of Ireland is likely to take place within a decade.


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