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NCAFP Emerging Leaders Program

The NCAFP Emerging Leaders Program is designed to help emerging community leaders in Northern Ireland to translate their ideas into policy recommendations and to develop public communications skills. In addition to peer workshops and skills training, each Emerging Leader will be matched with a mentor from the NCAFP’s network of senior-level experts and former policymakers to further inform the development of the final product, a short policy paper.

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Emma is the program Director.


The program will consist of a series of virtual roundtable discussions with working group peers to workshop their ideas, review papers, and receive short trainings on the art of writing for policy makers and other communications/public speaking skills; and two one-on-one mentor sessions with a senior policy practitioner. There will be one in-person orientation in Belfast in early December 2023, and an in-person conference in New York City in October 2024.Throughout the project, Emerging Leaders will write a policy paper on their topic of interest which will include policy recommendations.

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